Price Contracts

Build your price and protect against volatility.

The value of Price contracts in your marketing plan.

Price contracts allow you to build a price with the use of different strategies. These are contracts that are easy to tailor to your needs and protect you from market volatility. Add diversity to your contract portfolio with Price contracts.

Simplify your marketing with Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder is a grain contract that automatically executes four powerful strategies to deliver proven results: average, enhance, floor, and target. This contract is designed with historical market movements, key seasonal trends, and a diversified plan in mind.



Compare Price Contracts

Cash Grain

Add certainty to your grain marketing plan. Cash sales allow you to immediately price your basis and futures, giving you a guaranteed cash price upon delivery and helping you manage cash flow.

  • Add price certainty to your grain marketing plan and eliminate downside risk.
  • Take advantage of forward cash sales for future grain delivery.
  • Choose the delivery period that corresponds with your price goals.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bear
  • Neutral

No Basis Established (NBE)

Help eliminate risk in a volatile market. This contract is known to many farmers as a “Futures Only” contract. Eliminate the downside risk of the futures market and set your basis on a later date.

  • Secure futures price and delivery period to help eliminate market uncertainty and risk.
  • Set basis on or before your delivery period.
  • Final cash price is the futures price component adjusted for basis.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bear
  • Neutral


Explore pricing alternatives. A great contract if you like the current basis value but are bullish on the futures market. Work with your Cargill rep to learn more about futures pricing.

  • Secure basis value with corresponding delivery period.
  • Set futures value on or before delivery.
  • Final cash value determined when futures is set.
Use if your market is:
  • Bull

Firm Offer

Don’t miss out on a sale. Use this contract when you have a price you’re targeting and don’t have time to watch the markets. Instead of following the market, let the market come to you.

  • Simple, easy-to-use, free, and available 24/7 — modify or cancel anytime.
  • Set the number of bushels you want to sell at a target futures or basis value.
  • If the price hits, your sale automatically locks in.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bull


Keep pace and establish benchmarks with average daily pricing. A simple, straightforward way to build a price for your grain, take advantage of seasonality, and reduce both the stress and risk of trying to time the market.

  • Your grain is marketed every day. At the end of the contract, you get the average price.
  • Establish your basis any time prior to delivery and price out at any time.
  • Set it and forget it — auto-executes throughout your selected time period.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bull
  • Bear
  • Neutral

Portfolio Builder

Simplify your grain marketing strategy. Auto-steer for your grain marketing. Diversify your plan across seasons, goals, and market biases without adding more decisions or complexity.

  • Sell grain using 4 proven marketing strategies.
  • Auto-execute sales without daily monitoring or selecting pricing windows.
  • Take advantage of market movements and seasonal pricing.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bull
  • Bear
  • Neutral

Daily Floor Plus

Price grain above the market and have guaranteed protection. Daily Floor Plus is a customizable averaging strategy that avoids market lows and captures market highs. Ideal for farmers who like a "set it and forget it" approach to grain marketing.

  • Set your timeframe and customize your plan with 4 price levels — Plus, Floor, Trigger, and Target.
  • Get your Plus price on an equal portion of contracted grain every day the market stays above your Trigger price.
  • At the end of the contract, your bushels are averaged for your final cash price.
  • You agree to a Contingent Offer for like quantity if the market does not hit the Trigger price.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bear


Lock in a future reference price similar to a traditional No Basis Established (NBE) contract. Use this contract if you desire an easy and convenient way to lock in a futures reference price on your grain for up to 24 months out during times when traditional No Basis Established contracts might not be readily available.

  • Lock in a futures reference price past timing typically available with traditional No Basis Established contracts
  • No minimum volume or margin requirements.
  • Flexibility to establish the basis at any time prior to delivery subject to local policies.
Use if your market bias is:
  • Bear
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