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Help & Support

Account Forms

Below is a list of commonly used and approved forms that are available for download and use. If a requested form is not found below, feel free to work with your Customer Service Representative.

Account Management

Why do I need an account for some areas of

Having an account on provides users the tools to better manage their customer relationship with Cargill. Wouldn't it be nice to look at your contract details? How many bushels do I need to deliver to fulfill this contract? Review and sign your contracts from your computer, smart phone, or other device while working in the field.

How do I get/create an account?

Your Cargill representative can assist you in creating your CargillAg account. Find forms to begin registration at the top of this page.

How do I change my password?

A password recovery can be initiated by clicking on the "Password Recovery" link on the main login page or by a Cargill Representative. 

A password change can also be made in the “Edit Profile” section after logging into the site. 

I reset my password but why didn't I receive a new temporary password in my email?

First check your email’s junk mail folder to make sure the email was not processed as junk mail by your email provider. If the password reset email is not being received, check your email spam folder for the email. Otherwise contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and work with them to determine if the password reset email is being blocked.

How do I change my email/username?

To change your email/username please contact a Cargill Representative.


CargillAg Companion App (Android and Apple)

Where do I download the CargillAg app?

The CargillAg App can be downloaded from the following App Stores:

How do I get a login for the CargillAg app?

Your username and login is the same for the App, as it is for The accounts you will have access to, and your access rights (e.g. View-Only vs. E-Transaction) will be the same in both applications.


If you are not already registered for, you can do so by filling out the Registration Form at the top of this page here.

What if I am having trouble logging into the app?

You can review this detailed instruction document. If these steps do not address it, please contact your Cargil Rep, or submit a Contact Us Form here and someone will follow-up with you.

How do I submit Flex Scale Tickets in the app?

For an overview of the process, and step by step instructions, you can view the video by clicking here.


Account Lookup

How can I print my "Open Contracts List"?

Navigate to the contracts page. The contracts page defaults to show only your open contracts.

To open up a printer friendly version of the basic Open Contract List (without detailed pricing activity), click on the "Collapsed Contract Report" button.

To open a version with detailed pricing activity displayed, click on the "Expanded Contract Report" button. Both buttons are located in the upper right corner above the contracts grid. Once the pdf opens, you then print by selecting file/print from the pdf menu at the top of the screen.

I printed my Open Contracts List but it didn't print any details. How do I print the details?

When printing an Open Contract List with details, click the "Expanded Contract Report" button (contract listing with detailed pricing breakout) instead of the "Collapsed Contract Report" button (basic contract information without detailed pricing activity displayed).


Browser Support

Why am I seeing a supported browser message?

If you are seeing a message box at the top of the screen, your browser is either unsupported or below the supported version to work properly in CargillAg. If you are running Internet Explorer 11 and above and still see this message, please view the section on how to turn off Compatibility Mode. See some of the below questions to get more details.

How can I turn off Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode?

Steps to Turn OFF compatibility view setting in Internet Explorer.

  1. Go to Tools (on the top) on Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on Compatibility view settings.
  3. Uncheck "Include updated websites list from Microsoft."
  4. Uncheck "Display intranet sites in compatibility view" if it is checked.
  5. Uncheck "Display all websites in compatibility view" if it is checked.
  6. Click on close, and when you are done refresh the home page.

What web browsers does support?

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer (IE) version 11.0 and above 
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

How do I know what version of web browser I am using?

You can find out what browser you are using by selecting "About (browser name)" from the Help or Tool icon menu in most Windows browsers and the browser's name menu on Macs.

Where can I upgrade my browser?

What if I don't upgrade my browser?

Although portions of may work with older browsers, most old browsers are not fully compatible with many modern web practices and standards. In order to eliminate issues with your web experience we highly suggest you upgrade to the latest browser versions.


Privacy & Security

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to your computer’s web browser by a website. Cookies make it possible to recognize you as you return to our site and make it possible to send personalized information to your browser. The cookies set by CargillAg in your browser can only be read by CargillAg’s servers and no personal information is saved in the cookie.

How are cookies used on

To identify our users and their needs we aggregate demographic and user behavior statistics. This makes it possible for us to adjust and maintain services that correspond to our users’ preferences.

What is Cargill's Privacy Policy?

Cargill's Privacy Policy can be found here.



How-To Tutorial

To get a brief tutorial on how to use E-Signature, watch the 3 minute video below that walks you through all the steps to digitally sign your contracts.

One or more “Click to sign” boxes will display. eSign by selecting each "Click to sign" box to insert your signature and select Submit to complete the eSign process. Note selecting "Click to sign" will scroll the page to the signature box.

Troubleshooting steps for E-Signature - refer to "How do I clear browser cache / delete files?" question under Browser support.