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Enhance Contracts

Take advantage of market opportunities and capture premium prices

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Take advantage of the market with Enhance contracts.

Enhance contracts are a great option if you are bullish, like to have control over pricing, and want to take a more hands-on approach to your sales. These contracts also work great in conjunction with other pricing solutions to help you diversify your grain marketing plan. Take advantage of market opportunities to seek premium prices for your grain with Enhance contracts.



Compare Enhance Contracts

Premium Offer

Get a premium price for your grain. Sell new or old grain now for an enhanced cash price. In exchange, make a Contingent Offer to sell the same number of bushels for deferred delivery at an established price.

key features flag icon Sell grain today for an enhanced cash price.
key features flag icon Agree to a Contingent Offer for like quantity if the futures price is at or above a target price on an established pricing date.
key features flag icon Deliver your additional bushels if the market is at or above your Contingent Offer.
key features flag icon You keep your premium, even if the Contingent Offer isn’t triggered.


See when to use Premium Offer  Contact a Cargill Rep to get started

Use if your market bias is:


bear icon Bear

Focal Point

Sell now. Participate in potential upside market movement. Use this contract when you need to sell — or already sold — grain, but you aren’t happy with today’s price. Deliver grain now, express your bias, and experience penny for penny price participation during the pricing period.

key features flag icon Establish an initial price on a selected futures reference month.
key features flag icon Automatically re-enter the market if conditions change — with the potential to enhance the contract price.
key features flag icon Set your Final Focal Point Price any time before the final pricing deadline.


See when to use Focal Point  Contact a Cargill Rep to get started

Use if your market bias is:


bull icon Bull

Fertilizer Focal

A fertilizer focal contract allows you to manage increasingly volatile fertilizer price risk using a urea futures reference price in conjunction with a corn contract.

key features flag icon Manage fertilizer price risk during a time of record costs.
key features flag icon Express bullish or bearish fertilizer price bias based on NOLA urea markets.
key features flag icon Mitigate risk of rising futures prices even if you have not locked in the physical product or price yet.


See when to use Fertilizer Focal  Contact a Cargill Rep to get started

Use if your market bias is:


bull icon Bull

bear icon Bear

neutral icon Neutral

Minimum Price Long Call / Call Spread

Minimum Price Long Calls or Call Spreads can be simple ways to participate in the market while maintaining a guaranteed minimum futures price - also known as a floor. Use these when you have a bullish market bias and want to try to add value to current contracts.

key features flag icon Add value to current contracts in a bullish market while maintaining a minimum price.
key features flag icon Protect current prices and maintain upside potential.


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Use if your market bias is:


bull icon Bull


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