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A partnership for the future

Welcome to Cargill RegenConnect®, Cargill’s carbon and regenerative agriculture program. Thank you for partnering with us as you implement regenerative ag practices on your farm and enter the carbon marketplace. 

We believe profitability and positive environmental impacts can go hand in hand. By implementing the practices you have chosen, such as planting cover crops and reducing tillage, you can increase crop productivity and land resilience.  

Participating with Cargill is also an opportunity to connect with new and emerging markets, while preparing for the future with farming that strengthens your soil, your crops – and your bottom line.

This page is a hub where you can find the latest content related to demystifying carbon markets and the agronomy of regenerative ag.

Succeed with soil health practices 

Cargill has partnered with American Farmland Trust (AFT) to create an educational video series dedicated to helping farmers succeed when adopting new soil health practices. We will release new videos through the season, each focused on a different aspect of reducing tillage and managing cover crops. For more information on programs or on how to become a member of AFT, visit www.farmland.org

Be prepared for the year ahead

Whether you’re busy in the field or in the office, we are committed to keeping you informed and ready for the next stage of the Cargill RegenConnect® program. The timeline shows some of the key activities that will be taking place over the coming months.

Your agronomy support

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Anna Teeter

Conservation Agronomist for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota

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Jared Jacobs

Conservation agronomist for Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado

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Janelle Leach

Conservation Agronomist for Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky

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Damon Oien

Conservation Agronomist for Iowa and Illinois

Our data partner

Cargill is partnering with Regrow to power our regenerative ag program. You know Regrow as the technology platform where you enrolled in the program, but it is far more than that. Regrow is also a leader in remote sensing, crop and soil health modeling for monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of the outcomes you and other farmers achieve as you adopt new regenerative practices. You will continue to enter data using the Regrow platform throughout the year.