Non-GMO soybeans a unique revenue opportunity

Running the numbers shows a non-GMO premium helps stabilize income in times of volatility

Although today’s market with soybean prices are at all-time highs, market volatility can still be a major risk. A potential way to protect against downturns in the market could include adding non-genetically modified (non-GMO) soybeans to your crop mix.

Non-GMO beans require different management practices than GM beans, but with some additional planning, it could be a fit on your farm.

Still not convinced? We’ve done the math for you. Below you’ll see that even with significant price fluctuations, non-GMO soybeans could put more dollars in your pocket. You can enter your own numbers and compare for yourself.



If you are interested in putting non-GMO soybeans on some of your acres, or you have questions, contact your Cargill rep.