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Introducing Cargill RegenConnect - Flexible. Simple. Profitable.

When it comes to carbon programs, there is a lot of noise out there. Cargill RegenConnect™ offers you the opportunity to work with a trusted partner that is committed to enabling farmer profitability to improve the soil health and earn payments for carbon sequestration. You have the flexibility to choose your own practices and enroll for one year at a time. Plus, we’ve streamlined the enrollment process to make it simple for you.


Get involved in Cargill RegenConnect™

Partner with Cargill in our new regenerative ag program, and connect to new emerging markets, while preparing for the future of farming. We are enrolling acres with new and expanded sustainable practices now and will be paying for carbon sequestration.

We make it easy for farmers to adopt new soil health practices by providing:

  • Payment per ton for soil carbon sequestered (OR payment for positive environmental outcomes).
  • A choice of regenerative practices to adopt, including zero tillage, reduced tillage, and cover crops (any species eligible).
  • An intuitive self-service online platform.
  • One-on-one support from a Cargill Conservation Agronomist.
  • A range of partners to help identify financing options and offer further agronomic advice.


How It Works

Enrollment is open for new acres adopting practice change effective Fall 2022 including cover crops, reduced tillage, and no-till. Year One Cargill RegenConnect™ enrollee’s are invited to re-enroll the same fields and continue the conservation practice AND are eligible for carbon payments from those fields. 

  1. Enroll between May 16 and September 16, 2022.
  2. Select fields to quantify carbon outcomes and estimate the impact of the practice you choose.
  3. Receive a minimum guaranteed payment in February 2023 and the balance after verification is complete in January 2024.

In 2022 the Cargill RegenConnect™ program has expanded to 15 states including: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

*You must be a current or future Cargill grain customer and have a Cargill account number. 


Fertile Ground Video Series

Real talk from farmers about Cargill RegenConnect™

“Fertile Ground" is a two-part video series following two U.S. farmers on their unique soil health journeys.  Join us as we meet Steven (Indiana) and Tyler (Missouri) early on in the growing season and explore questions like:  What practices are they adopting?  Why did they decide to do this?  What has their experience been so far?  Why did they decide to enroll in Cargill RegenConnnect™?  The second part of this series will check back with Tyler and Steven during harvest to see how things are going, what they learned, and what’s next.

We hope you find this series helpful as you explore how practices like cover crops, reduced or no-till might benefit your farm.

Steven's Story                                                                               Tyler's Story      



Growing Season

Growing Season

Measurement and verification

We partner with Regrow, an industry leader in remote sensing, crop and soil health modelling to ensure the most accurate monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of program outcomes. Regrow is committed to creating a user-friendly online experience for farmers.

Learn more about Regrow’s approach to:

Need a hand to get started?

If financial barriers are holding you back from adopting new regenerative ag practices on your farm, FarmRaise can help. They’ve made it their business to connect farmers to grants, loans, cost-share, and investment opportunities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be a Cargill customer and located in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, or South Dakota. There is no minimum/maximum acre requirement for practice changes. If you are not currently a Cargill customer, please reach out to your local Cargill office to get an account set up. Your Cargill account # will be required to receive payment. 

You must enroll acres with new or expanded sustainable practices, such as cover crops and reduced tillage practices. 

Your regenerative ag adoption plan and contract begins at enrollment and ends after harvest 2023. We look forward to learning with you and partnering in a long-term effort to reduce carbon emissions. New or expanded acres are required to start now; however, those fields are eligible for payments in the future if you continue to use sustainable qualified practices and enroll in the program again. 

Fields enrolled in the Cargill program cannot be duel-enrolled in other privately funded programs. However, this program can be stacked with public/government program payments if eligible. 

Please visit to find contact information for your local team or contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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