Crush Plant

Kansas City


Facility Updates and Hours of Operation

**Moisture Limit Beans 16% **Meal Load Out Hours of Operation: 24hours/7 days a week Meal Merchandising: 913-236-0896 **Hulls Load Out Hours of Operation: Midnight to 12pm **Pellets Load Out Hours of Operation: 12pm to Midnight Hulls/Pellets Merchandising: 952-742-6075

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Please use this PDF of our Traffic Map to help navigate through the bean dump and for meals and hulls if needed. 

Typical Peak Hours at Kansas City Bean Unload are 10:30 am to 3:30 pm

 "Camera Link to view truck line" Cargill ( 

NOTE: Camera refreshes every 15 minutes

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Hours subject to change. Please call ahead. If you have service requirements outside of regular hours, check with your location.

December 4th to December 10th





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(913) 752 - 1244


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2309 East Front Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64120

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2309 East Front Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64120


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