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Market Commentary – 2/26/2021 Biggest news of the day is not in flat price, but rather in spreads, with the March/May inverse now widening out to 8 cents. Basis levels across our draw have been dropping as farmers deliver on earlier contracts now that the weather is better, and to incentivize delivery in the planting window in April/May. Ethanol margins in Iowa and Nebraska are positive which bodes well for demand for corn from ethanol processors in the short term. I am not expecting much volatility next week, unless the export report deviates drastically from expectations. Programs and Other Helpful Items! WEIGHT EXTENSIONS ARE EXTENDED TO March 7th Logistics: Busy day with rows in the south lot since mid-morning. Expect more of the same if the backroads can hold up to the heavy traffic. Please stay in your truck while in the South lot. This will keep the line moving better and keep you and your neighbors safe. Also please make sure drivers are pulling up to the screen after getting probed and letting graders know that their load is correct or not. This will keep the process moving ahead smoothly. Buyer will not accept delivery of genetically enhanced commodities that have not been approved for use in all the following markets: United States, European Union, Japan, and China. ** This communication has been prepared by Cargill, Incorporated.  The information in this communication does not constitute “investment service,” “investment advice,” or “financial product advice” as defined by laws and/or regulations in any jurisdiction, and the contents of this communication should not be construed as investment, legal or tax advice.  Each person should seek independent investment, legal and tax advice concerning the consequence of entering any transaction.