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Grain Marketing that Fits Your Operation

Whether you are looking for a diverse portfolio of grain marketing contracts or someone to guide you in an increasingly complex global market, Cargill is here to help. With more than 150 years of experience in trading grain, Cargill has developed an unparalleled suite of products to help you achieve your goals. Contact your Cargill Representative to learn how we can help you manage your risk.

Cargill currently offers the following categories of products and solutions:

Grain Marketing

Choose from a wide variety of contracts, a culmination of our more than 150 years of risk management experience. Learn more: Grain Marketing

Consulting and Advisory Services

Tap in to the knowledge of Cargill experts to help you prosper in the global market. Learn more: Consulting and Advisory Services

Specialty Grain Programs

Grain producers can earn premiums by growing specialty grains for specific customers and markets. Learn more: Specialty Grain Programs

Other Services

From on-farm grain pick-up to online account lookup, Cargill has you covered. Learn more: Other Services

Products & Services