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Let the Experts Help You Manage Your Marketing Risks

With grain prices affected by global marketing conditions that change daily, you need help from professionals who are keyed into timely information from around the world. Only Cargill Ag Marketing Services offers the expertise of Cargill's global network combined with the one-on-one attention of a Personal Marketing Manager to help you make timely, informed marketing decisions.

As a Cargill Ag Marketing Services customer, you get the guidance from the world's best grain marketers that includes:

  • Personal Service
  • Expert Analysis
  • Marketing Confidence
  • Time Savings

A Personalized, Team Approach to Marketing

With the support of our Central Office and Cargill's vast global network, your Personal Marketing Manager (PMM) can stay ahead of the trends and put you in a position to succeed. Throughout the marketing season, your PMM leverages this information to help you develop and execute a personalized marketing plan.

1. Farm Profile

Your PMM starts with a comprehensive profile of your operation, goals and risk management philosophy. This will guide your PMM as you work together to build a marketing approach to fit your operation.

2. Daily and Weekly Reports

Your team analyzes a constant flow of data from around the world to deliver daily and weekly market updates. You’ll understand what is important without having to sort through a sea of information.

3. Recommendations and Alerts

Your team provides personalized, timely recommendations to help you succeed. Our comprehensive advice covers everything from futures and cash grain sales to fertilizer and energy purchases.

4. Action Tracking

Execution is everything. Your Cargill Ag Marketing Services team is with you every step of the way. Our action-tracking system provides the real-time information necessary to make sound decisions.

Take Your Grain Marketing to the Next Level

Talk to your Cargill representative about getting the marketing help you need with Cargill Ag Marketing Services.

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