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NextField System

Stay ahead of the field with Cargill’s precision ag offer NextField System. It's a combination of data collection, agronomic recommendations, precision application and information management scientifically designed to maximize your yields.

With the NextField System, you have the tools to create a crop inputs plan that is efficient and environmentally sustainable:

  • Accurate assessment of crop nutrient needs
  • Improved decision making
  • Long-term yield improvement
  • Maximized crop nutrition investment
  • Improved environmental stewardship
  • Detailed geo-referenced reports
  • Cargill expertise
  • Peace of mind

The bottom line is that NextField System customers have the information to make better decisions and improve their yields.

NextField System is available at the following locations:

  • Kouts, IN
  • New Sharon, IA
  • Marna, MN
  • Pipestone, MN
  • Gluek, MN
  • Alberta, MN
  • Parker, SD
  • Emery, SD
  • Oxford, NE
  • Arapahoe, NE
  • Elwood, NE
  • Heartwell, NE
  • Alma, NE
  • Holdrege, NE