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Better Decisions. Better Results.

The Cargill NextField System is the next generation of precision agriculture. Employing unprecedented levels of agronomic know-how, technology and data interpretation, Cargill NextField agronomists create custom crop plans and recommendations to help you optimize your crop yields and financial return.

Built on 20 years of precision ag performance, the NextField System will help you:

  • Maximize return on your crop input investment
  • Boost yields with field-specific strategies
  • Partner with Cargill agronomists to set and achieve goals
  • Leverage data to improve annual recommendations
  • Leave a sustainable legacy

The NextField System Process

1. Data Collection

Using grid sampling, zone sampling, satellite imagery, electrical conductivity and other proven methods to map your fields, your Cargill Sales Agronomist develops a precise picture of the soil makeup of your fields.

2. Crop Planning

Cargill works with you to develop a custom crop plan based on your soil makeup, risk tolerance, past success and financial needs.

3. Nutrition Recommendations

Your Cargill Sales Agronomist tailors a variable-rate nutrition recommendation based on your crop plan to help maximize your return on investment.

4. Planting Recommendations

Recommendations for variable-rate planting are crafted to match your yield goal and maintain profitability.

5. Precision Application

Your NextField recommendations are compatible with almost any modern VR controller you might have. Cargill also offers application services in most locations for dry, liquid, side dress and micronutrient products.

6. Data Management

Using state-of-the-art software and cloud-based management, Cargill tracks your field data from year to year, improving your recommendations and helping get the most from every acre.

NextField System Locations

Talk to your Cargill Sales Agronomist about the specific NextField System services offered at the location near you.

  • Kouts, IN
  • New Sharon, IA
  • Marna, MN
  • Pipestone, MN
  • Gluek, MN
  • Alberta, MN
  • Parker, SD
  • Emery, SD
  • Oxford, NE
  • Arapahoe, NE
  • Elwood, NE
  • Heartwell, NE
  • Alma, NE
  • Holdrege, NE